AmegA Sciences

AmegA Sciences 

Welcome to the AmegA Sciences: Innovative World Leading Niche FormulatorsSome 25 years ago, plant pathologists from the Research & Development Department of AmegA Sciences identified the organism responsible for the  turfgrass disease known as Dry Patch. Within four years the company’s formulation chemists created the world’s first treatment for the disease, verified the product though extensive independent trials testing and introduced it to market.

Continued research revealed the several different conditions in which the organism thrived and additional products were developed to deal with a wider variety of soil conditions and levels of disease severity. In addition, separate new products for the agricultural, horticultural and forestry markets were developed.

Today, products formulated and manufactured by AmegA Sciences are used throughout Europe, North America and the Far East under a variety of distributor Own Labels.

Weedon FC would like to thank AmegA Sciences for their support

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